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Who We Are
      Keystone Aerosports is your source for all of your aviation training needs.  Our instructors have the knowledge and experience gainded from years of flying aircraft that many pilots dream of, and few instructors have learned to master.  We specialize in aerobatics, tailwheels, upset recovery, spins, warbirds and other flight training with an emphasis on "stick and rudder skills".   We strive to create safe, proficient, and confident aviators who are passionate about aviation.
Our Mission
    Our mission is to encourage high standards in flight and a culture of continuous learning among our clients.  We promote professional-level pilot skills and knowledge.  We continuously develop our training programs to ensure they meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, in an informal environment.


What We Offer
     We offer a wide variety of aviation services. Our training programs include: precision aerobatics, upset recovery and prevention, spin endorsements, tailwheel endorsements, refresher courses and more.  In addition to our training programs, we can provide aviation consulting services, aircraft reposition/ferry services, photo flight support, and flight test support.
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