Airmanship & Confidence Course

Airmanship & Confidence Course

This course is designed as an intro to aerobatic flight, upset recovery training, and is flown in the 8KCAB Super Decathlon. The goal of this course is to help the client gain confidence and skill, through a more thorough understanding of how the pilot interacts with the aircraft.


Pilots are introduced to stalls, cross-controlled stalls, incipient spins, spins, spin avoidance, unusual attitudes, and a basic introduction to aerobatics if desired.



Pilots of all skill levels are welcome. This course is an excellent choice for a private pilot working toward additional

ratings, a pilot returning from an extended period away from flying or even a student pilot. Also, this course exceeds the FAA’s requirements for a CFI spin endorsement.


Course Incudes:

  • Two hours of flight training

  • Three hours of ground school

  • Super Decathlon POH (electronic copy)

  • Use of parachute and headset

  • Graduation certificate


Cost: $850

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