- Phil Thibodeau
PC-12 Captian, PlaneSense

"I've known Steve for a long time, and when I wanted to build my confidence flying tail wheel I saw only one obvious choice. I was headed to Alaska in the spring for a instructing and charter job in super cubs on floats, but there would be tail wheel flying mixed in. I hadn't flown much tailwheel in the previous two years and I wasn't comfortable getting in and really flying that airplane hard, so I wanted to get up to speed before heading north.


Steve worked with me a lot. We flew a 7GCAA, and I really honed and resharpened my skills enough that when I got into a PA18 on 31" bushwheels, I had the confidence to take my flying to the next level.


Steve and I also did some basic "gentleman's" airbatics, which I had wanted to experience, to build confidence in unusual attitudes and precise aircraft control. It has been a couple years now, and I try to fly with Steve whenever I can. He always has new tips and techniques that'd make any pilot better. I'd recommend him to anyone who wanted more advanced training that you just can't get anymore at the local flight schools. He is definitely one of the best flight instructors I've ever had the pleasure of flying with."



Steve is a great guy with people and flying skills to match. I highly recommend him for any ferrying needs involving high performance aerobatic or warbird aircraft. As far as his flight instructing, and ability to perform transition training, he really knows his stuff and does a superb job of conveying the necessary knowledge and skills in a methodical fashion. You will learn a lot, have fun doing it and be confident in the end that you know what you're doing. What more could you ask for?

- Graham
Harvard MkIV Ferry & Transition Training

"Stephen is an excellent instructor who is able to clearly communicate the maneuvers and explain how to improve them. Best of all, Stephen's passion for aerobatics is clear and contagious.  He is a very effective communicator and easy to work with."

- Jaime
Basic Aerobatic Course
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