CFI Spin Endorsement Training

CFI Spin Endorsement Training

  1. Receive a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor indicating that the applicant is competent and possesses instructional proficiency in stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery procedures after providing the applicant with flight training in those training areas in an airplane or glider, as appropriate, that is certificated for spins


You can earn a spin endorsement even if you are not planning on getting your CFI.  It is a great way to improve your flying skill and confidence.


Spins are often met with anxiety by pilots both new and experienced.  Much of this anxiety comes from from lack of knowledge and actual spin experience. We can help de-mystify spins for you. With the right training and equipment, spins can be experienced safely and can actually be quite fun.  Get your spin endorsement with us! Instead of doing a few spin entries, we will take you through multiple fully developed spins and help you to understand what is really happening to the aircraft.​

Our spin endorsement course includes the following:


  • Ground training covering a review of basic aerodynamics, Angle of Attack, stall awareness, spin entry, spins, spin recovery procedures and spin instructional techniques.

  • Flight training with an experienced CFI and actualy entering and recovering from various spin modes.

  • Debrief of flight and a question and answer session.

  • Receive the Spin Endorsement in your logbook


You can usually earn your spin endorsement in one or two lessons, often times, on the same day.

You do not have to be working on your CFI to earn your spin endorsement!  All pilots, from student to ATP can benefit from spin training.  In order to qualify to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), you must hold a Spin Endorsement. 


According to FAR 61.183(i), to be eligible for a flight instructor certificate or rating a person must:

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