Warbird Training

Warbird Training

We offer flight instruction a 1943 Boeing PT-17 Stearman!


Instruction is available to anyone looking to experience the thrill of an open cockpit biplane.  No tailwheel endorsement is required, but a minimum tailwheel experience is required to perform the takeoffs and landings.


Here are some of the training options for the PT-17 Stearman:

Antique Biplane Checkout:  Learn the ropes of biplane flying just like cadets did during in WWII. During the biplane checkout, you will become proficient at basic flight maneuvers including steep turms, stalls, and even grass field operations!

PT-17 Transition Training:  If you have reently purchased or are planning on purchasing a Stearman, we can help you!  Our experienced instructors are able prepare you for your aircraft and fulfill your insurance requirements. Thie transition training is applicable to other antique biplanes as well.

High Performance Endorsement:  The PT-17 is powered by a Continental 220 horsepower engine, making it a "high-performance" aircraft.  Have a great time earning your endorsement.


Flight Review:  Break away from the normal and complete your flight review in one of the world's best known aircraft! Flight reviews cover a wide variety of topics, and are customized for each individual pilot. A flight review requires a minimum of one hour of ground, and one hour of flight time. Earn your flight review the fun way, with a radial engine!

The Stearman is made available in cooperation with Blue Sky Aero.

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