Keystone Aerosports

Some people dream of soaring through the skies, we make it a reality...



Some people dream of soaring through the skies, we make it a reality...

We offer a wide variety of aviation-related services.  These services include; aircraft-type training, aerobatic training, tailwheel training, upset recovery training, confidence courses, warbird transition training.  Also, we can help you accomplish your flight review.


Have you recently purchased a new airplane, or relocated?  We can help you ferry your aircraft to its new home.  Our instructors have experience in a wide variety of aircraft and would be glad to move the aircraft for you, or accompany you and train you on the way.

Our goal at Keystone Aerosports is to provide safe, effective, and focused training designed to boost your confidence and safety in the air.  Additionally, we want to share the excitement aviation has to offer.

Our instructors can design training programs tailored specifically to your needs and goals in order to ensure that you achieve high standards of safety and success.

Check out our custom training solutions and services. 

"I've known Steve for a long time, and when I wanted to build my confidence flying tail wheel I saw only one obvious choice. I was headed to Alaska in the spring for a instructing and charter job in super cubs on floats, but there would be tail wheel flying mixed in... also [we] did some basic "gentleman's" airbatics, which I had wanted to experience, to build confidence in unusual attitudes and precise aircraft control...  I'd recommend him to anyone who wanted more advanced training that you just can't get anymore at the local flight schools. He is definitely one of the best flight instructors I've ever had the pleasure of flying with."

Phil Thibodeau
Commercial Airline Pilot
Flight Training, flight instruction,
Aerobatic training, aerobatics
Flight Instruction, warbirds, tailwheel, aerobatics