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"After leaving my Professional Pilot career, I had stopped flying for nearly two years, my flight-review was well out of currency, and I knew I wanted to renew my credentials and start flying aerobatics again. After speaking with Stephen, it was clear that he was the caliber of Instructor I was seeking to ensure that my return to flying was safe. 


This flight review extended beyond the typical review of Part 91 regulations, and operating procedures. We covered Stephen's Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) curriculum, per my request, and flew both the Gamebird GB-1 (a dream of mine,) and the Alpha 160. 


Stephen was meticulous and an absolute joy to fly with. I found my learning experience to be a positive one, and I walked away with a great sense of improvement in my aerobatic and general flying skills. The value I paid for Stephen's services was exceptional, and I am looking forward to flying with him again very soon!"

Domenic L.
Assistant Dean of Aviation, SNHU

NAFI Master Flight Instructor


“I am very fortunate to have been introduced to Steve at Keystone Aerosports. After purchasing my first Extra, Steve was referred to me to ferry it home and check me out in the airplane. I was very impressed with his communication and professionalism. We have been flying aerobatics together since and I continue to learn something every flight. He has helped me build a solid foundation making sure I was competent and safe before we moved on to more advanced manuevers. His experience and enthusiasm in the sport has me looking forward to our next lesson before we have the airplane put away.”


Craig M.

Corporate Pilot & Aircraft Owner


"I've known Steve for a long time, and when I wanted to build my confidence flying tail wheel I saw only one obvious choice. I was headed to Alaska in the spring for a instructing and charter job in super cubs on floats, but there would be tail wheel flying mixed in... also we did some basic "gentleman's" aerobatics, which I had wanted to experience, to build confidence in unusual attitudes and precise aircraft control...  I'd recommend him to anyone who wanted more advanced training that you just can't get anymore at the local flight schools. He is definitely one of the best flight instructors I've ever had the pleasure of flying with."


Phil T.

Commercial Airline Pilot

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